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Homestead Acres
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Hello, I would like to welcome you to Homestead Acres. My name

is Dale Cook, my wife, Nancy, and our son Logan. We have a

small hobby farm.  It is our family owned business.

We raise Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies, Australian shepherds

dogs and toggenburg dairy goat . My wife stated raising goats 30 years


 To this day, we raise them  for many different  things.   We use the

milk to make cheese and yogurt, and for  HOMEMADE GOAT MILK

SOAP.  We have now incorporate into a business to

make Homestead soap from the goats milk.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

Homestead Acres *Clintonville * WI * 54929